Community Kickstart Grant

Community Kickstart Grant – The Winner Is…

Thank you

Thank you to all our local Community Groups / Volunteers who submitted a proposal for this grant. Our judges were blown away by the work that you do for our communities to help those who are less fortunate. Thank you again to everyone who applied!


And the winner is…

The winner of the ISPT Community Kickstart Grant is SANDBAG.


About their submission and how they will use the grant to ‘break the cycle’.

Sandbag has asked for funding to assing their children’s counselling service offered to young people from ages 5 to 17,  in order to assist them to recover from domestic abuse and experiencing or witnessing domestic violence.

Their dedicated Child & Family Counsellor, commencing in early December 2020, will provide SANDBAG a capacity to increase its response to this much needed cohort as young people are often the forgotten victims in domestic and family violence. Some of the impacts of Domestic Violence on young people include homelessness, learning difficulties, poor mental wellbeing, substance abuse, self-harm and suicidality, and intergenerational transmission of violence.

SANDBAG will provide play- and art-based therapies to children, in addition to supporting their mothers, in an effort to reduce and minimise the long-term traumatic impacts domestic violence has on young people, in the hope of “Breaking the Cycle” of intergenerational family violence and trauma. Over the next 12 months, they will provide around 2000 hours of counselling and support to women and young people, for which they urgently require additional operational space.